This Week: 3/24 through 3/30

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Monday in General Art Advice – If you’re a regular art blogger, you may already have a side business that you just don’t know about yet! Drop in tomorrow to learn about five types of art-related eBooks that you could create and sell for a little extra income.

Tuesday in Photography Tips – Finishing up his series on camera basics, this Tuesday Zach McCabe will explain exactly how ISO affects your finished photographs. If you missed the first two installments, feel free to go back and read up on camera shutter speed and aperture settings as well.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week we’ll be showcasing three contemporary American landscape paintings by KM Withers. As always, if you’d like for YOUR art to be featured on EE, please send it in!

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Check back on Thursday for Alyice Edrich’s latest article on how to craft a memorable tagline for your art business. She’ll be discussing the topic with 6 business owners and sharing their advice as well as her own.

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