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Featured Artists: Painters, Mixed-media Artists, Photographers, and more

Over the years, we've featured hundreds of amazing artists on EmptyEasel—in fact, we showcase unknown artists, emerging artists, AND established artists nearly every week.

So whether you're looking for original paintings, photography, sculpture, or any other type of art, you're sure to find it here. And if you'd like your own art to be featured, just send it in!

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Mixed-media artist Kathy Ferguson creates colorful, abstract artworks using paint, collage paper, and ink. “As a former. . . read more

California-based painter and illustrator Ora Xu has a quirky, colorful style and a penchant for creating surrealist landscape. . . read more

Dutch painter Bianca Berends is a well-known portrait artist whose work encapsulates the freedom and fun of summer. Her children's portraits (often featured bright colors and bold, expressive brushstrokes) are masterfully-painted and available both as originals and limited edition fine art prints. One of the very unique features of Bianca's. . . read more

Fine artist Doug Fluckiger has a passion for drawing anything from nature. Whether it’s a scattering of leaves covered in. . . read more

Nicaraguan-born painter Lola Stanton is known for her fantastic florals, still life paintings, and portraits—and she infuses. . . read more

Put any two people in front of the same majestic landscape, and they'll both remember it in their own unique way—and that concept influences everything Bulgarian painter Diana Yovcheva does. Diana uses her art to explore the link between the viewer and the landscape, allowing each viewer to build their own memory and experience of her work. . . read more

Wasim Zaid is a Jordanian architect and artist whose current installation pieces are both a nod to the past, and a vision of the. . . read more

Colorado artist Kris Lee has been an art dealer, gallery manager, and full-time artist. She currently works out of her studio in. . . read more

As a poet and painter, Juduth Skillman's abstract, expressionist landscapes are more than just a representation of a specific place at a particular time. . . with each highly-textured brushstroke, she also places additional layers of emphasis and meaning. This first painting, entitled Ellensburg Canal, depicts deep blue. . . read more

Russian-born artist Ekaterina Kashpir creates incredibly stylish, art deco illustrations and drawings with a touch of. . . read more

Mike Fullarton is an abstract painter originally from Scotland, now working in Krakow, Poland. His large, geometric compositions. . . read more

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