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Published Dec. 12th 2018

At EmptyEasel our goal is to publish helpful tutorials for both new and professional artists—without any of the vague or confusing "artspeak" common to the art world.

Sounds nice, right? :)

Even better, our writers are all talented artists themselves, and often include their own step-by-step images for each tutorial. If you're an artist looking to improve your craft, feel free to explore. I guarantee you'll get something great out of EE!

Even advanced artists make mistakes, or misjudge things during the drawing process. It’s not only a fact of life; it’s part of the artistic process. And if I’ve learned anything in over 50 years of making art, it’s that my own art projects go off track more often than I care to admit. But you know what? Such mistakes don’t mean a project is doomed! Quite the opposite in. . . read more

P.S. For those of you who are brand new to EmptyEasel.com, make sure to check out the menu bar at the top of this page. You'll find a lot of art tutorials, as well as quite a few posts on selling art online (under "business advice") but there's plenty more that you'll probably like, too.

We've also launched a few other websites for artists

For example, our sister site, Foliotwist, makes artist websites easy. If you need an art website, check there first!

You may also want to join our art discovery and sharing service, Artwork Reveal, which helps connect artists with art collectors and art professionals all over the world.

Each of these services make it simpler for artists to display, promote, and sell art online, and we're working on doing even more in the coming year (so stay tuned!)

Featured video clip

In one of our most popular videos, Sherrill Kahn shares a quick, easy way to make your own stamping tools out of styrofoam. All you need is a few basic tools and some acrylic paint, and you'll be ready to stamp in no time!

You can get Sherrill's full acrylic painting DVD at Creative Catalyst. Plus, your purchases there benefit the artist and help support EmptyEasel.com.

Want more short video lessons? Visit our Video Tutorials page!

As you'll notice, we often partner with other art-related businesses and services. We've helped artists find everything from great deals on art supplies to tools for editing and cropping your art.

If you're interested in learning more about that, take a look at the rest of our partnerships by browsing the full list to the left.

And finally, since EmptyEasel IS an art blog, you'll generally find new articles published right here every week. . . so feel free to drop by as often as you'd like!

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