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EmptyEasel.com is a widely-read online resource for artists around the world, serving up over a quarter of a million pageviews each month. If you're interested in promoting your art-related product or services to a committed and growing group of artists then EmptyEasel is the perfect choice for you.

There are currently four ways to advertise:

Premium Banner Advertisement

Our premium advertising spot (found at the top of every page) is reserved for just two advertisers each month. Each premium ad is rotated evenly to receive approximately 1/2 of the total number of pageviews on EE.

While this is our most expensive ad slot, its size and placement ensures instant brand recognition across EmptyEasel as well as daily, targeted traffic from interested artists.

Large Banner Advertisement

For a slightly lesser monthly fee you can choose publicize your website or product through a large banner ad near the top-left of EmptyEasel. (Above the Google Ads.)

This ad spot is limited to ONE advertiser each month for maximum attention and exposure and appears on all pages of EmptyEasel.com, including all articles and category pages. (Currently 2400+)

Medium Banner Advertisement

For a very reasonable amount each month, you can also purchase a medium-sized clickable banner advertisement on the right side of EmptyEasel.com.

Medium banner ads also appear sitewide, and are randomly rotated with every page load (top to bottom). This rotation ensures a fair distribution of "face time" with site visitors, and keeps these ads relevant and interesting for visitors who spend longer periods of time browsing EmptyEasel's extensive archive of art information.

Banner ads can be purchased easily through PayPal. Please feel free to email me for pricing information or if you have any other questions about advertising on EmptyEasel.com. Keep in mind that space is often limited, so I operate on a "first come, first served" basis.

And finally. . .

If you'd rather not advertise directly on EE, you might consider offering a discount on your product or service to EmptyEasel readers.

I occasionally include this kind of information in my weekly newsletter if it's beneficial to artists. Contact me if you're interested.

NOTE: I reserve the right to editorially decide which advertisers bring value to my readers and which do not. In other words, spam and unrelated sites need not apply.

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