8 Brand New Art-Selling Tools & Features – Now at Foliotwist!

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As many of you know, EmptyEasel creates simple, easy-to-use websites just for artists over at Foliotwist.com. I’ve talked about how we build your site for you and show you how to use it, all within 3-4 business days. However, we ALSO recently completed a truly mammoth update and unlocked a ton of new features. :)

We’ll go in-depth some other day, but for now, I’ll just give you a quick look at some of the things we’ve added for our artists at Foliotwist:

1. A 100% mobile-friendly artist Admin Panel

Need to make a quick change to your art website while you’re out and about? No problem! Just log in from your smartphone or tablet and you’re done!

2. An SSL secure website for every artist

Google’s been asking for this, and so have you! Your visitors will feel much safer browsing and contacting you through your website when they see your secure padlock in the browser bar. And the bump in search engine rankings is nice too!

(Like all the options I’m mentioning today, SSL comes standard with your website—there’s no upcharge. You should never have to pay more for a secure website!)

3. A phone-to-website image uploader

Got a newly-finished painting on your easel and want to upload it right away? Just log into your Foliotwist website on your phone, and choose the option to upload via your camera. When you snap the pic, it’ll instantly be added to your website!

4. Super-fast artwork search, so you can find art easily

If you have hundreds of artworks to look through, a powerful search tool is a must! Every Admin Panel now has a search bar that looks at titles, descriptions, and more, so you can find the exact artwork you’re looking for.

5. Unlimited extra pages

Do you teach art classes or hold workshops? Got a passion for a particular cause? Or maybe want to highlight a particular artwork or series—no matter what you want to talk about, Foliotwist allows you to create unlimited extra pages on any topic and adds them automatically in the correct spot for your visitors to find them.

6. Updated blog and comment tools

There are almost too many blog improvements to list! To start, our new blog editor is simpler and easier to use, with awesome image embedding tools. Plus, you can now schedule your posts for later (among other things) and our comment moderation tools make comment spam a thing of the past. :)

7. Easy MailChimp integration for every artist

MailChimp is amazing—it’s an email newsletter service that’s free if you have fewer than 2000 subscribers, and it comes with email templates, awesome charts, and reports about who actually opened your emails, along with tons of other world-class features.

At Foliotwist, our artist websites are now fully integrated with MailChimp. If you’ve got a free MailChimp account, you can start collecting your visitors’ email addresses today. Not sure why you might want to do that? Read this article about how an email list can increase art sales.

8. A live preview screen to help with customization

Last but definitely not least, it’s now super simple to customize your website exactly how you like it. We’ve got a full-screen preview window so you can see changes before they happen, along with tons of new design and customization features you’ve got to see to believe.

Have you been wishing your art website was a little more current? Maybe a little more effective for what YOU need?

If so, then give Foliotwist a try today—it’s super easy! Not only will we build your website for you (and I’ll personally give you a call and show you how to use it) but we have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, so if you don’t love it, there’s no need to feel locked in.

And as always, I’m available anytime if you have questions or want a personal tour of Foliotwist. Just ask!


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