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Art Business Advice: Real Strategies to Help you Succeed in the Business of Art

Want to be a professional artist? Then you MUST know how to sell your art—online and off. At EmptyEasel we only share art business advice for artists by artists. You'll learn where to sell fine art online, get strategies on how to market your art successfully, and find out which art websites are better at selling original art versus fine art prints.

Not online? That's OK. Besides learning which art-selling websites are the best, you'll also find complete art marketing guides, tips for how to sell art at art fairs, and step by step instructions on using your email list (yep, email!) to build a successful career from selling art.

We also do our best to encourage and motivate every artist who stops by. And if you're an art buyer or new art collector, we'll occasionally share tips for buying art as well.

Explore all our art business advice below:

Even advanced artists make mistakes, or misjudge things during the drawing process. It’s not only a fact of life; it’s part. . . read more

If you’re an accomplished artist or are becoming well-known in your art community it’s quite likely that at some. . . read more

In a previous article, I shared a few ways artists can stay creative during the holidays. My tips included activities both in and outside the studio, and one of the tips I included was daily sketching. Today, I want to follow up on that idea, since daily sketching—or at least regular. . . read more

As many of you know, EmptyEasel runs a full-featured portfolio website builder just for artists over at Foliotwist.com. But what. . . read more

The year-end holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving was last Thursday, Christmas is just around the corner and New Year’s Day. . . read more

Buying fine art prints is a great option if: • You are looking for quality and character vs mainstream generic art prints • You have a limited budget • You don’t want to commit yourself to art long-term (like with originals) I am an artist. I have always exhibited and sold my paintings through art galleries. To reach a larger audience I’ve recently decided to also create an. . . read more

So you want to become a more skilled artist? First things first, you need to be drawing regularly—pretty much every day!. . . read more

A strong composition is an important part of any successful artwork. The word “composition” is simply an artistic. . . read more

So you're finally done with that children's book manuscript. You've worked hard on it. Maybe you've hired a professional to edit. You've researched your market and you have an unbeatable marketing plan (NOTE: if you have NOT done these things, go back and do them). You’ve committed to the major and courageous step of self-publishing your book. Bravo! Now you're wondering how you'll find an. . . read more

Our third word is INTEGRATE, which follows observe and ponder. “Everything on the page should talk to each other.” This wise. . . read more

If you’re a parent, and you tell someone “My child practices soccer six days a week,” you’ll likely get a sympathetic nod. . . read more

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