Kathy Ferguson: Mixed-media Abstract Paintings using Collage, Paint, & Ink

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Mixed-media artist Kathy Ferguson creates colorful, abstract artworks using paint, collage paper, and ink. “As a former engineer, the precision of science lets me feel in control,” she says, “but as an artist, I’m also drawn to the diversity of the natural world.”

It shows—Kathy’s work clearly finds inspiration from that mix of order and pattern, nature and growth. Just take a look at this first painting, entitled Corporate Farming.

Corporate Farming - abstract mixed-media painting

Featuring a blend of organic and geometric shapes, Kathy’s paintings often feel like windows into bright, dreamlike landscapes full of life and movement.

In Bridging Our Differences, a collection of semi-transparent shapes mix and mingle as they float through a pale sky. The majority are aqua and turquoise, but a few bright yellows, lavenders, and the occasional red-orange create almost a rainbow effect across the canvas.

Bridging Our Differences - Abstract painting in mixed-media

I love spotting all the different patterns seen throughout this painting. They blend beautifully into her composition, and some of them are so subtle that you almost feel like you’re discovering a few more with every look.

Lastly, take a few minutes to enjoy Tuscany Citrus, a painting featuring splashes of bright color, the feeling of warm sunshine, and gorgeously abstract rolling hills.

Tuscany Citrus - orange and white mixed-media artwork

And there are so many more beautiful paintings to explore in Kathy’s online portfolio as well. . . please head over to KathyFergusonArt.com to see the rest of her fantastic artwork.


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