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Stunning, LED Back-lit Mixed Media Paintings by Kris Lee

Colorado artist Kris Lee has been an art dealer, gallery manager, and full-time artist. She currently works out of her studio in Salida, Colorado, creating amazing artwork that is truly electrifying—in more ways than one!

Kris has always been drawn to unusual and unconventional media. This has led her to add (among other things) LED lighting, bits of glass, and rice paper to canvas. And since she incorporates lighting, her work is best viewed twice: during the day and at night, when each piece transforms into a sculptural, one-of-a-kind light show.

Here are just a few of her amazing creations:


The piece above, titled Moment of Clarity, features long, dancing leaves, bits of colored glass, and a beautiful hummingbird against a rich red and blue backdrop.

And here’s the exact same work of art, lit up at night:


Amazing, isn’t it? A soft red-pink glow filters through the top of the composition, silhouetting a far-off line of hills. In the foreground, golden blades of grass interweave with sparkling trails of light, while a dazzling hummingbird flits through the night sky like a half-dreamt magical creature.

And here’s another back-lit piece by Kris, titled WildLight #4:


It’s a delightfully well-thought out piece, with white birch-style trees set against a network of tangled gray and black lines. You can also see a hint of floating yellow “lights” strung through the trees—perhaps a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Are you ready for it? Here’s the same piece, at night:


How gorgeous is that?!

To see more of Kris’s beautiful, LED-lit mixed media artwork, make sure to visit her website at wildstudio.net. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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