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Bianca Berends: Colorful Beach Scenes & Children’s Portraits

Dutch painter Bianca Berends is a well-known portrait artist whose work encapsulates the freedom and fun of summer. Her children’s portraits (often featured bright colors and bold, expressive brushstrokes) are masterfully-painted and available both as originals and limited edition fine art prints.

One of the very unique features of Bianca’s portraits are her bright, patterned backgrounds. Some are painted, while other are created using enlarged photo collages or stencils which add a spontaneous, unexpected designs to her work.

For example, Happy Blue Beach Boy (below) features enlarged stamps, small postcards, and stencil work alongside her oil paint and oil pastel portrait.

And—I’m sure you’ll agree—that swirling, blue water is fantastic, isn’t it??

Not all of Bianca’s portraits are specifically of beachy, water scenes, but there’s no denying the strong influence of summer fashions and warm summer sun found in this next painting:

The background feels like a gorgeous abstract stained-glass window, and of course it’s chock-full of Bianca’s trademark brilliantly-bold colors.

Lastly (and perhaps my favorite of all) is Girl With a Pink-Red Umbrella:

The pops of pink and red seen throughout the painting (mixed with a more neutral white and gray-green pattern in the background) make up a beautiful color palette—and the young girl holding the umbrella is standing in a perfectly thoughtful pose that allows us, as viewers, to partake in her contemplation as well.

To see more of Bianca Berends’ paintings, please visit her website today!

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