Doug Fluckiger: Photo-realistic Landscape Drawings in Graphite

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Fine artist Doug Fluckiger has a passion for drawing anything from nature. Whether it’s a scattering of leaves covered in drewdrops, or a massive thunderstorm rolling over a mountain range, he draws it all in impressively photo-realistic detail.

And while his work is often mistaken for photographs, each piece is painstakingly hand-drawn in pencil, showcasing a flair for high-contrast natural subject matter and impeccably-designed compositions.

Just take a look at Youth, below. It’s a perfect example of Doug’s control over his medium—as well as an amazing scene, viewed from a stunning angle:

Doug’s ability to draw realistic clouds, mist, and other atmospheric details are impressive as well. Take for example these light-filled skies:

Those towering masses of water vapor are truly a “skyscape” in their own right, offering a nice visual balance to the dark, silhouetted trees of An die Freude.

While most of Doug’s work is sold as limited edition prints (which come beautifully framed, as you can see below) a few of his framed originals are available as well, and can be purchased by contacting the artist directly.

If you’d like to see more amazing drawings by Doug Fluckiger, please take a few minutes to visit his website today!


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