Robb Scott: Ultimate Detail in Pencil

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Pencil Drawings

It’s interesting how pencil drawings can be so simple, yet also complex.

Black, white, and tones of gray lend to their simplicity, while detailed hatching, shading, and sharp lines add complexity. Robb Scott embraces this dichotomy and pushes it the next level. His pencil drawings have a beautiful simplicity, yet are composed of the most complex details.

Robb was raised in Canada and still resides there. Working as a professional artist he creates impressive commissions for clients including the management team of Canada’s most famous racehorse, Somebeachsomewhere, and is set to begin working with Canadian hockey superstar, Sidney Crosby.

It’s no surprise why these clients chose Robb to depict their active lifestyles. As you can see in the drawing below, Robb has a knack for capturing movement and intensity in his subjects. The proportions and detail of the horse and rider are amazing. It’s this realism that often results in Robb’s work being compared to photographs.


Rob manipulates composition and perspective in an intriguing way, in almost every drawing. In the piece below, he chooses a steep view of this flight of stairs, then crops the edges of the image closely. This creates an upward movement in the scene and almost encourages you to step into it.


Notice also, that the railings are a lighter value to draw your eyes to the top of the drawing. As you follow them towards the sky, you’ll get the complete visual tour of Robb’s textures and hatching details—in the steps, tree bark, branches, and railings.

In this last image, Robb’s attention to detail brought forth an iconic, timeless image. This exquisite drawing of his wife was a gift to her for Christmas.


I encourage you to view more of Robb’s amazingly detailed pencil drawings at his website,


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