Rana Wafiq: Stunning, Highly-Detailed Charcoal Portraits

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Pencil Drawings

Rana Wafiq is just 17 years old, but the incredible attention to detail that you’ll see in her portraits shows a talent far beyond her years. Self-taught, from Alexandria, Egypt, Rana is especially passionate about capturing eyes and hands, as she believes a wealth of emotions and stories can be told through them.

Let’s take a look at some of those stories below. . .

Elegant and refined, the woman in this first portrait is simply stunning. Every bit is a tribute to femininity, from the tendrils of hair falling softly around her delicate facial features to the elongated curve of her neck and slender shoulders.


Her garment falls to one side, it’s dark, ruffly texture which gradually tapers off adding an air of sophistication and high glamour to the portrait. Slightly arched shoulders combined with her turned away face, closed eyes, and a smattering of freckles across her nose give her an alluring, youthful glow.

While her first piece is subtle and gorgeous, this next one simply oozes creativity. Take a look at the negative space Rana created with two stars—Daredevil and the Punisher.


Standing tall over Hell’s Kitchen, the two survey their domain, a visual representation of personalities and bravado larger than life. The way Rana is able to fuse portraits of the two and bleed their costumes into the bustling nightlife of the city is really fantastic—I could see this very easily being a new and improved movie poster for the Netflix series.

Lastly, from his pursed lips to the sparkle in his eye—that sly, knowing look that no doubt made him famous in Hollywood—this portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio captures the actor perfectly!


Impeccably dressed with well-kept facial hair and slicked back her, gone are the boyish qualities we all enjoyed in “Titanic.” Instead, this is a portrait of a man who has held a successful career throughout many years and is fully confident in himself and his place in the world.

Check out Rana’s full portfolio on her Instagram feed, which also features a great portrait of Aaron Paul from the hit show “Breaking Bad,” as well as some gorgeous close-ups of eyes—windows to others’ souls—and insight into her creative process.


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