Diana Yovcheva: Minimalist Landscapes

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Put any two people in front of the same majestic landscape, and they’ll both remember it in their own unique way—and that concept influences everything Bulgarian painter Diana Yovcheva does.

Diana uses her art to explore the link between the viewer and the landscape, allowing each viewer to build their own memory and experience of her work based on just a few simple lines and colors.

Reducing down a landscape to just a few shapes opens up interpretation of the art in a variety of ways. Is the landscape above depicting a sunset or sunrise? Or the red glow of an out-of-control wildfire?

We look for meaning in colors, shapes, and the way that Diana has used her brushes to create the shapes on her canvas. We can’t help it – we crave understanding, and when that we add it to the piece ourselves.

What do you see in the painting above?

Diana’s work is hard for me to describe, because I want to leave it open to interpretation, as she intends. There’s no right or wrong way of seeing them, other than to appreciate the recognizability of a beautiful landscape, with so few recognizable marks.

If you’d like to see more of Diana Yovcheva’s work, please take a minute to browse the rest of her art here. Enjoy!


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