Modern Abstract Florals and Landscapes by Lisa Frances Judd

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Lisa Frances Judd is a self-taught artist from The Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia who has been drawing and painting as long as she could hold a crayon. Her distinctive style showcases a passion for bold colors and bright, repeating patterns and textures.

In addition to participating in group and solo shows in Sydney and other locations around Australia, Lisa’s work has been licensed in both the US and Australia, which is an impressive feat to say the least. But just take a look at her gorgeous paintings, and I think you’ll understand why!

Tiny Town on Patchwork Hill (below) is a great example of Lisa’s skill at incorporating fun patterns and colorful designs into her modern compositions.


Neutral and cool squares form the majority of the background of this piece (each one featuring its own unique patterns) while a warm brick road leads the viewer back and forth up the patchwork hill.

Along the way, bright white houses with red doors and blue roofs line the road, framed by idyllic trees that almost seem to glow in an unseen setting sun.

And while Lisa’s paintings embrace the patterns and repetitions hinted at in nature, she always takes them one step further. . .


Trees of Autumn, seen above, combines a calming earth-toned color palette with a visually active design. The top third (with it’s seven nearly identical trees) and the lower two-thirds (almost entirely abstract) are perfectly painted to keep the eye moving, from soothing space above to dynamic texture below.

And finally our last painting for today, Never Too Many Flowers is perhaps my favorite of all, with its mix of geometric and organic shapes.


I love the color palette and patterns chosen for the background, as well as the visual simplification of each red rose into an iconic, geometric swirl that echoes the stripes and shapes seen throughout the painting. If there’s one thing that Lisa does perfectly, it’s creating beautiful continuity throughout her work.

To you’d like to see more of Lisa’s art, or learn more about her artistic journey, please take a minute to visit her website today!


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