Sean Patrick: Large-scale Abstracts and Striking, Monochromatic Portraits

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Love bold, expressive brushstrokes that feel carved into the canvas? Dynamic compositions? Intense monochromatic contrast? Sean Patrick’s highly sought-after paintings are all that and more.

Known for his expressive, abstract portraits (jump to the second painting down for a great example of that) Sean’s work is incredibly energetic, even chaotic, shaped almost entirely by his movements as he conveyed paint onto the canvas.


A series of large-format abstracts like the one above are showcased in his online portfolio, each one varying slightly in color, movement, and size. I’m always fascinated by GOOD abstracts, which pull you in and create space through color temperature or contrast, and Sean’s don’t disappoint.

I also love the way he displays these pieces on his website. It’s hard to get an idea of the scope of a painting online without something to compare it to—so he’s taken photos of his work hanging above two paint cans, as if he’s just finished each artwork before snapping a photo.

The designer in me appreciates great presentation (which it is) but it’s also a savvy way to reference just how large and commanding those paintings are.


Sean’s portraits aren’t as large, but they’re just as powerful. Each one is painted as if half-formed (or in the process of UN-forming in front of our eyes) and they’re unquestionably striking.

Note how the hints of cool blue in the portrait above give this painting the necessary extra dimension to balance the stark white highlights, creating a nearly 3D effect against that dark, midnight-black background. . .

And lastly, here’s a sketch in charcoal that blends Sean’s more realistic side with the loose, gestural strokes he’s known for.


You can absolutely see the stylistic threads connecting this drawing to the painting above it: the high contrast, the broad strokes that define entire planes of light across the face, and the intense, expressive mood that emanates from all of his artwork.

If you’d like to see more of Sean’s fantastic paintings and drawings, please take a minute to visit his website at or follow him on Instagram.


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