Kaloyan Ivanov: Vivid Abstract Paintings by K

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Kaloyan Ivanov, or K, is an artist from Sofia, Bulgaria who graduated with a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He works in painting, performance art, and installation pieces, and currently splits his time between Sofia, Brooklyn, and Oklahoma City.

K has completed several series of paintings (all of which can be seen on his website, along with some of his installation and performance art) but today we’ll just be showcasing artwork from his latest series, Original of Love.

Original of Love is comprised of several 9″x12″ abstract paintings on paper. K’s colors are typically bold, featuring complementary and split-complementary hues in close proximity—which lends a sort of visual vibration to each piece.

abstract painting in teal, pink, and red

In fact, you may even see an “afterimage” effect when viewing the painting above.

Personally, I love the effect. . . and while K doesn’t specifically explain his work, I think the idea of “love” as an inner vibration or connection to another person works nicely with the interrelated elements in each of these paintings.

Abstract painting in light pink, yellow, blue and green

Even the torn edges lend something special to these paintings. There’s really no hard boundary enforced on these paintings, hemming them in; just a torn-away feeling as if the artwork itself continues on, in another place.

Abstract painting in orange, mauve, green, and yellow

It’s always difficult to do simplicity well, when it comes to painting (abstract paintings in particular) but K’s attention to detail and intriguing compositions are what make these simple abstract paintings so fascinating.

To see more of K’s artwork, and the rest of his Original of Love series, please make sure to visit his website today.


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