Bettina Schopphoff: An Acrylic Painter with an Extraordinary Point of View

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With an eye for bright color and interesting shapes, Bettina Schopphoff’s paintings are destined to lift the spirits of everyone who views them.

Bettina’s subjects are varied and unique—garden gnomes, giraffes, a group of ladies by the beach—and all of them are painted in a chunky, cheeky style that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Conciliabule is an excellent example of Bettina’s style and subject matter. This rather unorthadox view makes you wonder if there’s another painting, somewhere, showing the front of these horses!

Five horses painted in an impressionistic style, seen from the back

The splashes of vivid color in this piece reminds me of the Fauvism art movement, reminiscent of their bold color palettes and daring combinations of warm and cool hues.

The spots of blue on the horses’ flanks, and the dappled shadows of red turn convention upside down. . . normally shadows are cool coloBettina Schophoff: An Acrylic Painter with an Extraordinary Point of Viewrs, and highlights are warm. In this case, however, it works quite well.

Lucy in the Sky is another fun example of Bettina’s sense of humor. You can feel this lobster’s slow, crustacean confusion as it hovers, weightlessly, among the clouds.

A painting of a lobster in mid-air

I appreciate Bettina’s deft handling of the paint in this case, too. The claws are visually chunky and hard-shelled while the lobster’s long segmented body is perfectly foreshortened—no easy task, I’m sure!

Lastly, Cherbourg is one of several “overhead” paintings that Bettina has displayed on her website. This multi-hued arrangement of umbrellas is one of my favorites, mostly because it’s lighthearted, and conveys a very real sense of movement.

A painting of several brightly-colored umbrellas seen from above

For more of Bettina’s fun, brightly-painted artworks, please take a few minutes to explore her website today!


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