Monika Wright: Cheerful Mixed Media Abstract Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Mixed-media Art

Today’s uplifting mixed-media pieces, created from paper, canvas, acrylic paint, foil, and resin act as Monika Wright’s voice of appreciation for the gifts of life, love and beauty. Through her spontaneous works of art, she hopes to bring people together, toward compassion and thankfulness.

“In a world obsessed with darkness, I want to introduce light, hope and joy,” said the artist from Nova Scotia. “We are all part of one world. What we choose to see and believe will determine how we live, not just where we live.”

Although abstract in style, this first piece below, entitled Fearless, speaks very clearly! Jewel tones peek determinedly through an expanse of canary yellow, overcoming a color known to signify fear with bold displays of textured bubbles, cracks and streaks.


The colors spill haphazardly across two panels, and in the distance, beyond the yellow, lies a brilliant, lively design that, through its diverse textures, appears bottomless with depth and distance. Fearless is a colorful, happy piece welcoming viewers to embrace the excitement and surprise of the unknown.

Another depth-filled painting, Geographically Incorrect #12 features planet-like spheres, fiery formations, an abyss of darkness, and galaxy-like wisps of atmospheric clouds.

geographically incorrect #12

Each object within this painting may appear to have its own agenda, yet everything is pulled together by an invisible gravitational force known to artists as composition! So, although it may appear chaotic, this painting’s many bits and pieces work together in astronomical harmony.

Looking at this painting puts me somewhat in awe because I really do feel as if I am hurtling through space on some grand adventure!

Lastly, the tall-format Pipe Dream below conveys an aura of slow-moving, transcendent calmness and light. Swirls of soft orange in the background give way to rolling puffs of tranquil, almost translucent blue, reminding me of the phrase “Smoke and mirrors.”

pipe dream

As I look from top to bottom, I find myself getting lost in the hypnotic ripples and bubbles rising up from the painting. Monika chose the perfect size of canvas to convey this type of curling, hazy smoke with appropriate colors that are utterly and completely soft and surreal.

There are many more wonderful paintings on Monika’s website, such as her fun-filled Octopus’ Garden in the Sea, so don’t hesitate—gravitate towards her page now!


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