New on EmptyEasel – Sunday, July 21st

By Dan in Weekly Preview

Coming this week!

For the past month Carrie Lewis has been busy researching hundreds of free drawing videos on YouTube, and she’s ready to share her favorites! Drop by on Tuesday to see her picks and improve your drawing skills!

Then on Thursday, Lyman Dally returns with 4 unique painting “tricks” he uses every time he paints. If you’re a painter yourself, you definitely won’t want to miss it!

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Plus, if you’ve ever wanted a simple website for your art. . .

We’ve created a one-click website builder that gives artists a stunning portfolio website (actual example shown below) with all the features of an expensive, custom website at a fraction of the cost.

Simple artist website that's mobile friendly and easy to set up

Not very tech-savvy? That’s OK—you don’t need to be! Click here to see exactly how easy we’ve made it!

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