Art Marketing Tips

Want to sell your art? Then you absolutely MUST learn how to promote it!

The most common question we hear at EmptyEasel is How do I sell my art? And while that answer is slightly different for every artist, it really comes down to having an effective art marketing plan.

That's why we've put together hundreds of tips and techniques for artists on how to market and promote art online—including some of the best art websites for marketing your art, and lots of different methods for selling art at every stage of your art career.

Here are all our free art marketing tips!

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Artists always seem to be looking for the next new marketing tip or idea. I’m no different, I suppose—but so far, “new” hasn’t worked nearly as...
I’m often amazed that artists don’t blog more than they do. Some of my favorite artists, artists who I would love to follow or read about,...
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