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General Art Advice: Ideas, Inspiration, and Helpful Tips for Artists

This is our catch-all "general art advice" section for both artists and art buyers. If you're an artist, we'll cover a variety of art topics like selling prints vs originals, developing good creative habits, and other general art information.

For art collectors, we'll help you make good decisions buying art online, show you how save money when buying art, and know exactly what to look for when buying anything from fine art prints to original paintings.

Read all our art advice articles below:

Even advanced artists make mistakes, or misjudge things during the drawing process. It’s not only a fact of life; it’s part. . . read more

If you’re an accomplished artist or are becoming well-known in your art community it’s quite likely that at some. . . read more

In a previous article, I shared a few ways artists can stay creative during the holidays. My tips included activities both in and outside the studio, and one of the tips I included was daily sketching. Today, I want to follow up on that idea, since daily sketching—or at least regular. . . read more

The year-end holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving was last Thursday, Christmas is just around the corner and New Year’s Day. . . read more

Buying fine art prints is a great option if: • You are looking for quality and character vs mainstream generic art prints •. . . read more

A strong composition is an important part of any successful artwork. The word "composition" is simply an artistic term describing how an artist fills space in their artwork using elements and principles of art. Today I'd like to share seven steps to a stronger composition: 1. Use a grid (aka, the rule of thirds) Our phones have made the rule of thirds a near daily occurrence in many. . . read more

So you’re finally done with that children’s book manuscript. You’ve worked hard on it. Maybe you’ve hired. . . read more

If you’re a parent, and you tell someone “My child practices soccer six days a week,” you’ll likely get a sympathetic nod. . . read more

In a previous post, I shared three questions you should answer before you start shopping for artwork. (Read that article here.) But now that you’ve considered those questions and know what you’re looking for, it’s time to think about some of the specifics. . . read more

Glow in the Dark by Amelia Furman. 6 x 6, $125 “When I have more money, I’m definitely going to buy your work!” How many. . . read more

The time has come—you’re about to buy some gorgeous art to decorate your home or office. Problem is, you’re not. . . read more

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