This Week: 10/16 through 10/22

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Monday in Video Tutorials – George James will demonstrate how easy it is to add a new visual element (perhaps to balance out a composition) while using watercolors on yupo paper. As always, George’s work is incredibly intriguing, so just being able to see part of his process makes this clip stand out.

Tuesday in Art Marketing Tips – Check back in on Tuesday for 8 smart strategies to keep in mind while you price your art. As Aletta de Wal explains, the price you set is never JUST about a dollar amount.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week’s featured artist is Sue Barrasi, a painter (primarily) who has done it all—travel the world, teach, sculpt, and yes, even paint! Drop by for that on Wednesday, and of course, if you’d like your own art to be featured on EE by all means send it in!

Thursday in General Art Advice – Did you get stuck trying to figure out what to write on your website’s Bio page? Never fear, Alyice Edrich has some excellent pointers to pass along this Thursday.

Friday in Art Opinion – In response to a previous opinion article by John Stillmunks, Lorrie Drennan shares her (quite differing) thoughts on “what makes an artist.” Highly recommended.

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