Jane Tracy: Gloriously Colorful Abstract Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Finally able to paint full-time at the age of 70, a blank canvas is still Jane Tracy’s ultimate inspiration. . . her highly personalized acrylic paintings are intense, compositionally sound and uniquely textured.

Cosmic Journey One is a recent finished piece, showcasing a refined style with strong diagonal lines and swirling, dynamic movement.

Cosmic Journey One

Jane’s expertise and craftsmanship is clear. . . she’s taken simple, square-like shapes and developed them into a complex painting using a fiery color scheme and a ton of vivacious energy that is all her own.

I look at this painting and can’t help but see the creation of the universe. Stars are burning into and out of existence, matter is coalescing and expanding faster than the speed of light—and it’s all in one single painting!

That same energy is clearly seen in Delaying Dawn, below, but the polish is gone. . . it’s a bit rough around the edges, and intentionally so.

Delaying Dawn

Although her first painting above is beautiful in its sophistication, this one oozes with a raw, real emotion. Those sharp, aggressive lines; the splattering of passionate colors; and the harsh, black overtones immediately put me on edge. It’s that extreme versatility and expressiveness of Jane’s paintings that I love.

And Morning Song, here at the end, shows Jane’s flexibility even more.

Where her other two paintings have a certain power, even an epic grandeur behind the colors and brush strokes, this one is light, airy and totally fitting of its name.

Morning Song

I imagine that I can just make out an object—a window—in this painting. Perhaps a warbler or a finch is sitting in the lower left-hand region of the window, singing a cheery tune at the crack of dawn.

But these paintings barely scratch the surface of Jane’s striking abstract creations. . . so do take just a few minutes today and head over to her website to see more of her artistic journey. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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