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Get creative tips, insight, art advice, and opinion from all of our artists at EmptyEasel! Artists from all over the world have written in to share their thoughts on art, beauty, and living your best artist life. You might not agree with everything you read, but that's OK—it'll be sure to make you think!

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I’ve heard opinions about “natural artistic talent” more than once recently. Usually it’s people saying that. . . read more

Are you looking for a new art medium? Maybe you’ve been considering colored pencils, but need a few reasons to really give. . . read more

When I first started thinking about becoming a professional artist (and by “professional,” I mean an artist who creates art to earn a living) doing cloud portraits most certainly was NOT what I was considering.

Horses were my passion and horse portraits were my goal. My big dream was making a good living from portrait work, and being able to travel the country (yes, even the world). . . read more

I recently performed a solo at church. It wasn’t the first time for a solo, but it was different this time. In times past, the. . . read more

Making art may be “just a hobby” for a lot of people, but not for artists—even part-time artists. Sure, making art. . . read more

Every now and again I like to check the list of search engine terms and phrases that brought readers to my blog.

Given that my focus is teaching colored pencil, you'd expect the usual things such as "blending colored pencils," "drawing with colored pencil," and so on. And generally, those ARE the kind of searches I see.

However, one slightly more unusual search term has. . . read more

When I first started dabbling with colored pencils, I’d already been oil painting for many years. I didn’t want a. . . read more

Some time ago, I wrote a demonstration series describing how I use the Flemish method of oil painting in my own work. The Flemish. . . read more

Several weeks ago I suggested a few questions artists should ask themselves if they’re trying to decide whether or not gallery representation is for them. Basically, it came down to knowing why you create art and what you hope to accomplish with it.

Since then. . . read more

It really doesn’t matter what medium you use; every artist can benefit from practicing 4 specific skills. What are these. . . read more

A short while back I wrote an article for EmptyEasel about art school, and how to decide if it’s right for you. I wrote. . . read more

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