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Monday in General Art Advice – If you’re a portrait artist, chances are you’ll eventually be asked to do a posthumous portrait for a client’s beloved pet or departed family member. . . don’t miss Carrie Lewis’s tips for undertaking such an important, and sensitive task, tomorrow.

Tuesday in Featured Artists – No filters. No editing. These are photographer Leonidas Bratini’s goals each time he snaps photo—and the results are stunning. Drop in for a look at his work, and feel free to submit your own this week as well!

Wednesday in Art Marketing Tips – At the end of the week, Aletta de Wal will return with a new article from her very popular ABC’s of Art Marketing series, entitled “Write, Write, Write!” For those of you doing online promotion for your art (or thinking of it!) this is an excellent article to get you started.

And, if you’re looking for more great art this week. . .

Today, we’re showcasing a few of our newest artists at Foliotwist—check them out!

UKO POST is a Dutch-born magical realist painter whose fantasy-driven landscapes, surreal still lifes, and ethereal portraits are hauntingly out of this world. See a few of his paintings here and here.

Although his day job keeps him busy as a civil engineer, Mokhtar Ibrahim’s true passion is painting. Hailing all the way from Egypt, Mokhtar’s paintings are filled with a sense of the Middle East. Take a look.

And lastly, Paul Arts is an up-and-coming figure and portrait artist from the UK who absolutely takes portraiture to another level. You can view Paul’s “Gold” series, as well as a few of his other paintings, right here.

If you like what you see, let them know in a comment or message—I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!

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