Jonathan Jerome: Highly Imaginative Digital Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Jonathan Jerome, an interactive designer living in New York City, has an impressive artistic portfolio. His photography shows the peaceful coexistence between nature and people. His drawings and paintings feature otherworldly portraits. His motion artwork will mesmerize, while his interactive artwork will intrigue.

However, we think his digital artwork is truly tops, offering a unique look inside his creative mind.

“I maintain a loose style with my work,” said Jonathan. “I don’t begin a piece with a cemented direction; instead, I let it flow naturally out of subconscious. Obviously, this means a lot of trial and error!”

Within the deep recesses of the human mind lies a deeply-rooted system in which the brain utilizes and receives information to create the most wondrous thoughts, ideas and visions. In Quarry, as this first piece is titled, the whole person comes to light—body and soul—and it’s my belief that was what Jonathan wanted to portray.


Here, eyes are not only the windows to the soul, but the windows that let the world in. And when that happens, the mind’s eye takes over and anything can be dreamt and imagined into reality.

Redragon is another finely-composed Photoshop creation conveying a true sense of a powerful dragon’s stature as he overwhelms the entire canvas with his majesty. Sharp spines along the dragon’s body warn of danger, enticing only the strongest, bravest individual to tangle with the beast.


With much of its sinewy body subtly out-of-focus, the dragon feels truly alive, as we catch glimpes of its thrashing, reckless movements and scarlet scales.

Lastly, created with Photoshop and a DSLR camera, Infinity Wheel offers a softer, subtler side to Jonathan’s work with delicate, scalloped circles, butterflies floating in the wind, brilliant wildflowers, and the cohabitation of nature.


Overlapping triangles add a visual burst of color and sharpness, somehow perfectly integrated with the circular, barely-there whispers of grey and white lines around them. Within the wheel, we keep falling further and further into all of life’s wonderful creations. How could this not be a place one would want to dwell in forever?

I hope you’ll take a few more minutes to view Jonathan’s entire assortment of artistic stylings on his website. . . and let your imagination run wild!


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