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Ekaterina Kashpir: Art Deco Inspired Illustrations & Designs

Russian-born artist Ekaterina Kashpir creates incredibly stylish, art deco illustrations and drawings with a touch of contemporary whimsy. As you’ll see in each of her pieces today, she always sets a gorgeous scene (with complementary color palettes and subtle shading) before telling a fascinating, visual story.

Just take a look at a few of her digital illustrations below:


As dusk falls, and shadows lengthen, a dark-haired woman relaxes against a carved wooden bench, enjoying a glass of red wine and a plate of red grapes. Silhouetted against the pink sky behind her, a classically-designed building creates an urban backdrop for her evening meal.

With the deco-styling that Ekaterina’s used to create the reclining figure, and the smooth, curving lines of the rest of her composition, a feeling of sophistication and fine living comes through at every turn. This would be the perfect illustration for a trendy bistro, a hip new winery, or even an upcoming event featuring good food, music, and atmosphere downtown.

In her next artwork, Ekaterina softens her compositional style a bit more – there’s still a touch of art deco, but it’s softer, younger, more geared towards a fantasy story told by picture-book.


I love seeing these two, very different scenes shown in the negative space of the flowing hair and dress. . . in my mind, Ekaterina is telling a story of a young woman dreaming of a new life in two far-off cities, although other interpretations could be correct as well.

And lastly, here’s a lovely, soft, magical scene depicting a brightly-painted fishing villiage perched on several large boulders rising out of the tranquil sea. Of course, their method of fishing, itself, is what truly catches the eye. . .


All of Ekaterina’s art is gorgeous, so if you have a minute or two, please don’t hesitate to visit her Instagram account and check out her latest work.

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