Jay Allan Friedmann: Highly-Intricate Digital Abstracts

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Los Angeles artist Jay Allan Friedmann is a photographer and computer graphics artist working primarily in the digital space—instead of a canvas or paper, he creates entirely on the screen, working organically to achieve large, expressive abstracts formed from vibrant, shifting nebulas of brilliant color.


Some of Jay’s highly-detailed pieces bring to mind large, color-coded maps, or possibly landscapes seen from miles above; others feel like a three-dimensional blueprint of some futuristic city, with massive curving highways spiraling from concrete to sky and back again.


As you can see, the sheer number of individual segments, lines, blocks, and patterns in his work make for an almost out-of-body visual experience.

In fact, if you’re anything like me, you may have already found your eyes wandering these compositions for several minutes, slowly trying to untangle and explore the complex array of colors and shapes in front of you.


Jay’s digital paintings are actually meant to be displayed large, at almost 3ft wide and more than 4ft tall. You can also browse through his entire series of images (at a higher resolution and larger size) on his website. Head on over, and enjoy!


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