This Week: 10/11 through 10/17

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Monday in Motivation – Drop in tomorrow and learn how to “sketch book” your way out of a creative slump! Special thanks to Aileen Swansen for guest posting and contributing this article.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Carrie Lewis will expand on some of her recent colored pencil tutorials with a demonstration showing how she reworks old drawings to help them sell. Don’t miss it.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Immerse yourself in the fresh, vibrant paintings of Jethro Knight, a plein air palette knife painter from the UK. While you’re here, feel free to submit your own artwork as well—we’re always looking for new artists to feature!

Thursday in General Art Advice – Niki Hilsabeck will be reviewing a fantastic book for artists, called The Van Gogh Blues. Come by at the end of the week and read how a “meaning crisis” may be hindering your creativity.

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