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Drawing Tips: Learn to Sketch and Draw Better with these Tutorials

Learning how to draw or how to sketch is the first thing every artist needs to master. But how do you know which drawing techniques to practice? Should you draw from life? From photographs? What's the best way to learn to draw?

At EE we've heard every drawing question possible. . . and we've published a huge library of free, easy drawing tutorials and tips that make it simple to improve at drawing without paying for expensive drawing classes.

Whether you're learning to use graphite, charcoal, pen and ink or colored pencils, or you're just looking for random information like how to erase pen marks from paper you're in the right place—our step by step drawing lessons are here to help!

Check out all our free drawing tutorials below:

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I’ve always loved drawing realistic clouds floating above my landscapes, but lately my interest in “cloud. . . read more

Most professional colored pencil artists recommend that new artists buy the best pencils they can afford. I usually make that. . . read more

Gesture drawing is an incredibly useful exercise for improving one’s art. Not only does it help with understanding general anatomy when drawing from life, but the practice of drawing a figure quickly and repeatedly trains you to make the drawing fluid and alive. The online resources I have used most are Quickposes and . . . read more

One thing every colored pencil artist can agree on that colored pencils are a slow medium. There’s just no way around it. If. . . read more

When your medium is capable of making only a limited number of stroke types, and you make art by layering marks, you need to get. . . read more

Every artist across the ages has spent at least part of their early years looking for the perfect drawing or painting method. Some continue that search all their artistic lives. I don’t know if it’s the artistic personality, or something else, but there always seems like there could be a better way. I’m no different. In the 40-plus years I was an oil painter, I experimented. . . read more

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we’ve looked at drawing a landscape on sanded art paper. I began the series by. . . read more

Last time, I began a tutorial showing you how to draw a landscape on sanded art paper. In that article, we worked through the. . . read more

Last summer I did a lot of experimenting with colored pencil on sanded art paper. Despite having done a piece or two a few years back, I wasn’t sure how I’d like the surface for more detailed landscapes. After completing a couple more this year, it’s safe to say I like it! If you want a quicker way to use colored pencils without sacrificing detail or color saturation, I. . . read more

Ever wonder what’s the most difficult—and most time consuming—part of a landscape to draw? If you’re like me, it’s. . . read more

In today’s article, I want to show you step-by-step how to draw a lush forest of trees on sanded art paper. What? Sanded art. . . read more

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