Alice Y. Seguin Sawicki: Dreamy Watercolor Landscapes

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Watercolor Paintings

Watercolors set Alice Sawicki free. This self-taught painter from Canada credits the amazing luminosity in watercolors (along with Yupo and TerraSkin papers) for her loose, expressive style. And, with more than 30 years of painting behind her, Alice knows no matter what, creativity will be a part of her life forever.

Take a minute to explore her gorgeous paintings below. . .

Soft colors caress the paper in Mystical Morning Light, providing a glimpse into a forest as sunlight pierces through trees and reflects off the morning dew.


Although mist hangs heavily in the air and blocks out much of the canopy, seeing the tiny splotches of bright orange and purple representing sparse autumn leaves on branches is a welcome sight.

Casting our eyes toward the ground, we find the fog has cleared enough to make out fallen branches and gangly tree trunks shooting out every which way. Best of all is the upper left of the painting, where we see the sun shining magnificently down on the treetops and providing a clear, hopeful promise for a glorious day.

The skies Alice is capable of creating with watercolor often leave me breathless, and this is especially true in Moment in Time.


Is it a sunrise? Or a sunset? Either way, a warm glow is cast over this quaint cabin, whose leaning structure provides the house and overall scene with a lot of character.

Pinpointed in detail within this painting are birds flying over the pasture and the rigid, wire fencing gallivanting across the canvas. From there, the looseness of watercolor takes over to swath the painting in color as it creates luminous grass pastures and speckled wildflowers.

Lastly, the three-dimensional quality in Special Place to Reflect is stunning—and I love how the water doesn’t perfectly mirror the forest. Instead, with each bobbing motion, the water’s ripples distort the treeline, adding unique shadows to the surface and beautiful texture to the spindly tree limbs.


When I look to the outer bottom edges of the painting, I become even more enamored. In the water you can see lovely yellow-green and teal hues that add brightness to the scene and give it a 3D effect in the way the colors lay softly upon the water.

Looking past the slightly lapping waves to the forest and up to the sky, I notice those same colors as sunlight gently filters through the trees, shimmering down on anything within reach.

I’ve just barely scratched the surface of Alice’s dreamy work with these three paintings, so I encourage you to visit her website and take a longer look around. While you’re there, you can also learn about her traveling art exhibition, or sign up for her art workshop in Ontario.


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