Patrick McClintock – Soft Florals & Impressionist Landscapes

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Formerly a Disney feature animation artist, Patrick McClintock has just recently entering the world of fine art with his stunning watercolors and oil paintings. Take a minute to explore a few of his works below!

This first painting, entitled Big Floral, is a perfect example of Patrick’s ability to deftly blend soft colors into gorgeous floral arrangements.


While the majority of this piece is close-up flowers, a hint of natural green leaves (visible here and there between the pink petals) break up the composition and give a wonderful sense of realistic depth to the painting.

Next, in Calabasas Woodlands, Patrick takes an impressionistic look at a craggy forest tree reaching its gnarled branches towards the sky.


Those highly-textured brushstrokes, both on and around the trunk, create a misty, fantasy-like environment, allowing this particular forest denizen to somehow become even more. . . alive. . . than a normal tree.

Last but not least, Yellow Roses is another great example of Patrick’s detailed yet gentle realism that’s just perfect for depicting florals.


My favorite part, though? The subtle changes in color between the background leaves! Their blue, blue-green, and green hues create a wonderful transition between the close yellow roses in the foreground, and the cooler, blue background.

If you’d like to see more from Patrick McClintock, please take a few minutes to view the rest of his paintings at


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