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Jerome Vaden: Bold Watercolor Paintings with Plenty of Splash!

Aerospace engineer turned artist, Jerome Vaden pairs left-brain focus with an abundance of artistic inspiration. Both a doer and a dreamer, Jerome has the ability to match the likeness of any scene in detail, while still washing his pieces in sounds, tastes, and raw feeling.

For example, don’t you love finding those old-timey stores off the beaten paths—diamonds in the rough—just like Foster’s Grocery below?


In this painting, you get the softness and unpredictability of watercolors in the sky, while the exactness of the fine-printed letters of the grocery and lunch prices is painstaking.

A hodge-podge of street and advertising signs, the rough texture of the wooden planks, and the muted colors work together to create a summery, vintage feel. Foster’s is clearly the perfect, all-in-one destination for ranchers, fisherman and outdoorsy folk who need a quick bite, some bait, or a carton of milk for their family.

Next up, The Book Store—filled with interesting characters (from a young baseball fan to professionals on their lunch hour to lazy onlookers) this bookstore is hopping!


An ancient computer reveals this scene may be from a few decades ago, when people still read hard copies of books, and visited local libraries and book stores, not just for knowledge, but for quiet interaction.

The huge ladders and spiraling staircases take readers not just on a beautiful journey through a sea of people in vibrant clothing, but also on an imaginary journey between the pages of books colorfully lining the walls from ceiling to floor.

It’s a joyful, entertaining scene, isn’t it?

Lastly, welcome to Paris—the city of romance, croissants and wine—and also fruit and veggies! In Paris Street Market, textures run the gamut, from speckled asphalt streets and coarse cement sidewalks, to the smooth metal of the car and ridged stones along the building’s facade.


A festive awning flaps back and forth in the gentle breeze, draping protectively over the food. The grid of lines that neatly constructs in this painting—from the boxes to the stripes to the door and window frames—keeps the scene as neat and organized as the storekeeper’s perfect rows of fruits and veggies.

And there’s more. . . much more! To see the rest of Jerome Vaden’s delightful paintings, visit his online portfolio today!

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Donna Blichasz graduated from Moore College of Art and Design in 2008 with a bachelor of fine arts. She then attended graduate school at Arcadia University, where she received her master of fine arts with a focus on art education. Now living and working in Philadelphia, Donna creates delightful watercolor illustrations of everyday. . . read more

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