Sureerat Niyomsinth: Delicious Food Illustrations from the Netherlands

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The very talented Sureerat Niyomsinth describes herself as a “hungry Thai drawing in the Netherlands”. . . and for those of you who also dream of deliciously (drawn) food, her mouth-watering Instagram account is a great one to follow.

And get this—Sureerat’s account is only a few months old, yet she’s already added over 57 photos of her work! Just about every time you visit, you’ll find something new, including works-in-progress shots, finished illustrations, and of course tons of drool-worthy dishes ready to be sampled.

Let’s take a look at just a few:


This first piece really captures all the sights, smells, and sounds of a fresh shrimp and basil dinner being cooked to perfection over an open flame by a street vendor.

And not only is the artwork stunning, but note how Sureerat composes her Instagram shots (not just this one, but all of them!) to be appealing, eye-catching designs that will grab attention while you’re scrolling through your feed. This is how you do it, folks!

Next up, a croissant filled with fresh berries. . . makes your taste buds tingle just looking at it, doesn’t it?


Those raspberries are painted to perfection—juicy, red, and so delicious.

Last but not least, here’s a personal favorite: Affogato, or “drowned” vanilla ice cream, covered with a shot of rich, dark, espresso.


Every single one of Sureerat’s paintings is worth a look, so head on over today and check out the rest of her deliciously-painted dishes on Instagram. Enjoy!


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