Andalee Motrenec: Whimsical Watercolor and Ink Illustrations

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Watercolor Paintings

Andalee Motrenec’s illustrations are simple, clean, and brimming with life and character—each one showcasing her talent for capturing the most minute details of her subject matter in just a few, mesmerizing lines and brilliant bursts of color.

While Andalee does dabble in digital illustration, she finds herself coming back time and again to the rough textures and bold stylings that can only be found in traditional watercolors.

Take a look at this first painting, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. . .


The fierceness of our little feathered friend above is quite apparent in its determined eyes, sharp beak, strong talons, and puffed out, defensive stance. Such personality cues are easy to spot thanks to Andalee’s use of refined black lines.

Tufts of color dabbed here and there (so many colors!) create the soft, layered look that gives the bird its plump, fluffy shape—yet those blues that Andalee effortlessly swaths across the bird’s head and back clearly identify this avian species for what it is: a stunning bluebird.

Next, Summer Within Reach is like that dream vacation you’re always aching to go on!


Imagine immersing yourself into this beachy setting. . . the sun shining down on you as you sit in your lounger, the waves lapping at your feet. . .

As easy as island life is, so too is this composition, which features nature at its best with minimal proof of human existence. Can you feel the stress melting from your shoulders as you envision yourself taking a nice big sip of an icy margarita or daiquiri? Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

And speaking of drinks, in Andalee’s last painting (a still life snapshot) we can see her expertise in creating lifelike texture with any subject matter:


Garnishes reign supreme in this refreshing-looking concoction, although its vibrant icy green liquid looks tantalizingly cool as well.

What I love most about this painting are the delicate grey and black lines Andalee uses to convey shadow and line along the rim of the glass (as well as the garnish laying on the table). These simple, unobtrusive lines give the painting its structure and make each item in the composition easily understood.

Doesn’t Andalee’s artwork just breathe rest and relaxation into your very bones? Don’t lose that feeling—visit her portfolio to view more of her phenomenal work!


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