This Week: 2/15 through 2/21

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Monday in Art Opinion – A lot has changed for artists over the past decade or two, like how we create art, and how we sell it, among other things. Come by tomorrow to read ArtSquare founder Thomas Griffin’s take on all those changes.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Niki Hilsabeck will share 5 great reasons why every artist should have their own Pinterest account (besides using Pinterest to market your art—which is a given). Don’t miss it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for a look at Terri Einer’s deliciously bold, colorful renditions of still life, flowers and landscapes. After that, why not submit your own art to be featured, too? We’re always looking for new art to showcase.

Thursday in Drawing Tips – Carrie Lewis will end the week with a great tutorial on drawing realistic dirt, ground, and soil. If you’re a landscape painter, these techniques will definitely come in handy!

Plus, for all you art lovers. . .

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