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At EmptyEasel, our goal has always been to make art more accessible. . . Whether you’re an artist researching techniques to take your creativity to new levels, an art lover exploring every facet of this multi-faceted world, or a collector looking for that next must-have artwork, we just want to make art simple.

So this year we’ve decided to try something new, and we’d love to have you join us—which is why you’re hearing about it first! :)

You see, we believe it’s time to create a new community solely for the purpose of connecting art lovers with new art. We know the feeling of coming across a great work of art, and having your breath taken away—and we want to make that happen more.

I know for myself (having recently bought a new home last year) that finding art to decorate with has become one of my favorite things—and I’m not even someone who can afford anything expensive!

For me, it’s not about finding art with a big price tag, or big names, it’s just about being aware of great art and new artists. And I love the idea of creating a service that can make that happen for everyone.

But this service isn’t just for buyers or collectors. Not even close! It’s also for artists (all over the world) who want an easy way to get inspired and stay up-to-date on what other artists—their peers—are creating today.

And of course, it’s also for people in the art industry who aren’t artists. Gallery managers, agents, art coaches, you name it. If the art world is YOUR world, this service is for you, too.

Need more details? OK, here’s the scoop.

We’re starting off simply, with a monthly “Artwork Reveal” newsletter. (Eventually we might switch to weekly, but for now it’s just monthly.) Each issue will showcase recently created artwork from artists around the world, and will be delivered straight to your inbox, totally free.

When you see a piece you love, you can follow that artist right then and there. Or, just enjoy the inspiration of new art every month.

We’re committed to featuring real artwork, by real artists, so we won’t be aiming to show just a certain style or type of art. But just like EE, we do plan on keeping it accessible—no high-falutin’ art talk from us. :)

If you’d like to get in on the ground floor and start receiving the “Artwork Reveal” newsletter, please sign up below. We’ll be growing our network of artists from this group as well, and hope to build something really special out of this community.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of this!

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