Nominate a Fellow Artist this Holiday Season!

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Ready to pay it forward??

Each Christmas we like to do something a little different here at EE, and this year (like most years!) we’re asking for your help.

For the next 10 days or so, we’d like you to write in and nominate an artist who you respect, are amazed by, or just think is great. In a short paragraph or two, tell us why you feel this person deserves recognition—and really, it can be anything!

Maybe you’re impressed by their work ethic, or how well they balance “art” and “life” on a daily basis. Maybe you’re in awe of their talent, or smarts, or bravery in the face of adversity. Whatever it is, let us know!

Then, AFTER Christmas, we’ll start posting your nominations, up and through the New Year. We’ll be linking to the artists you nominate, and also linking back to you (if you’re OK with it).

And, since we won’t be nominating anyone, we’re going to look through all the nominations and pick one very deserving artist to give a free Foliotwist website to.

Sound good?? :)

OK, here are the nitty-gritty details

• You may only nominate one artist
• Write at least ONE paragraph explaining why you’re nominating them
• Include a link to their website/blog/portfolio/etc
• Include a link to YOUR website/blog/etc
• Email it to me at

If for some reason you don’t want your name to be mentioned, then just let me know you’d like to be anonymous. I promise I’ll keep it under the radar.

So. . . what do you say? Want to spread some cheer this Christmas and make another artist’s day?

Awesome! I knew you’d be on board. :)

And I can’t wait to see your nominations—let me know if you have any questions!


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