Announcing a Fresh Look for Foliotwist Websites for Artists!

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Hi everyone—today Zac and I are unveiling a brand new look for, and we’d love for you to head over and check it out!


As many of you already know, Foliotwist provides simple, effective websites for artists. Instead of trying to build websites for everyone (and trying to BE everything to everyone) we decided to build Foliotwist just for artists.

This goes opposite to what a lot of the big website hosts are doing—wix, weebly, squarespace, etc—yet no matter how often you hear those names being advertised (and they do have BIG advertising budgets) I guarantee Foliotwist is a better solution for your needs.

So, to celebrate our new look and encourage you to make the switch to Foliotwist, this December we’re offering a special “Switch and Save” promotion all month long.

If you’re currently using another host for your art website, head over to Foliotwist’s free 30-day trial page, enter your information, and write “Switch and Save” in the field that asks “Did someone refer you to us?”

Not only will you get to compare Foliotwist to your current art website, but if you decide to join for good, you’ll also get 50% off your first paid month!

If you’re curious, here’s what our PRO members get:

• Unlimited, easy-as-pie artwork uploads
• PayPal buttons you can activate/deactivate instantly (no coding required!)
• A free domain, forever
• Personalized email address
• Daily website submission to Google’s search index
• A 1-hr art marketing consultation with me (normally costing $125) absolutely free!
• Automatic consideration for NUMA Gallery
• Free inclusion in Artwork Reveal (read more about that, here)

Not too bad, right? But perhaps the biggest difference you’ll find at Foliotwist is that when you have a question, you’ll always talk directly to either Zac or me.

We don’t farm out our support service, so if you call or email, one of us will always take the time to talk with you and solve whatever problem you have.

Here’s the link again—check us out, compare our website plans, and as always, feel free to ask a question or let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you!


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