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Introducing NUMAGallery.com, A New Curated Online Art Gallery

As promised last Sunday, today we’re unveiling our brand new online gallery for buying original artwork—NUMA Gallery!


The name was inspired by combining the first syllables of “New” and “Masters” (which we feel describes our artists perfectly) and is a modern, contemporary word that will be easy to remember and spell.

We worked with around 30 artists to create NUMA and make it a place where art buyers could find high-quality, original artwork, easily. The end result is a clean, simple website with powerful browsing and filtering options to help everyone find artwork they’re sure to love.

For our artists, we’ve kept our commission rate lower than traditional art galleries (at 30%) and committed to using 2/3rds of that to promote our artists and improve the gallery, from day one, so that each sale brings more sales.

My hope is to create a sustainable online gallery that builds on the strengths of traditional brick-and-mortar art galleries (i.e, through hand-picked artwork, smaller selection and knowledgeable staff) with the ease and comfort of an online gallery.

I invite you to take some time today to explore NUMA. Bookmark, pin, and share your favorite artworks. Every one of our artists have worked hard to present their best pieces, and I know they’d appreciate the support. We’ll also be adding more artists in the weeks to come, so feel free to stop by down the road and see what’s new.

If you have questions about NUMA, please ask! I’ll certainly share more about NUMA in the future, but for now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the art. :)

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