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Monday in General Art Advice – Have you been avoiding painting lately? Maybe you’ve been under the weather, busy with work, or just feeling less inspired than normal. No matter what the cause, there’s no time like the present to get back in front of the easel! Tomorrow, Niki Hilsabeck will share several tips for jump-starting your creativity and leaving your slump behind!

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Colored pencil expert Carrie Lewis will demonstrate 4 easy ways to draw freehand edges. As always, she has a ton of helpful illustrations to go along with her article—this one’s a must-read for every colored pencil artist.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for some gorgeously colorful, minimalist-yet-textured paintings by Brazilian artist Cristina Jaco. Then, feel free to submit your own artwork to be featured on EE, too. We’re always searching for new artists and artwork to showcase!

Thursday in Motivation – Finish out the week with a look at the coolest little DIY pinhole camera you’ve ever seen! Plus, since it’s a Kickstarter campaign, you can support the artists behind it and get one for yourself (or more—they’re great for kids, too!) Get the full details this Thursday.

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