This Week: 6/29 through 7/5

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Tomorrow, the very talented Michelle Morris will demonstrate how to paint gorgeous, realistic roses using watercolor glazing techniques, with lots of step-by-step illustrations. As always, I can’t recommend her articles enough!

Tuesday in Art Marketing Tips – Now that summer is in full swing, there seems to be an art fair around every corner. If you’re planning on selling art at any of them, come back for Niki Hilsabeck’s next article (full of real-world art marketing suggestions) this Tuesday!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week we’ll be featuring computer artist Sam Carlson’s breathtaking digital vistas—they’re incredibly detailed, and quite frankly, simply amazing. As always, if you have artwork of your own to share, send it in!

Thursday in Art Tutorials – Last but not least, don’t miss Rusty Wahl’s demonstration on how to make a unique, mixed-media shellscape painting this Thursday. I guarantee you’ll love it!

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