Overcoming the Trauma of War: The Art Psychotherapy Project

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

When war strikes a country, it severely impacts all its citizens. . . but it especially harms its children. Children in war-torn countries live in daily fear of violence, which often impact their lives mentally and emotionally long after the conflict ends.

This is where Katie Gettins and her two fellow classmates step in. Armed with compassion and a strong arts background, these students have decided to make a difference in children’s lives through their Art Psychotherapy Project on Indiegogo.

Funding from this Indigogo campaign will allow them to purchase materials (such as paper, pencils, paints, clay, and even frames to display artwork) for use in art workshops at SOS villages, refugee camps and other villages in Palestine. Their goal is to run seven art therapy workshops each week, in partnership with the non-profit organization, START.


Founded by Art Dubai and the Al Madad Foundation, START coordinates workshops for refugees, orphans and children with special needs across the Middle East and India. Their mission is to “heal and educate children who have suffered with war, pain and loss” finding inspiration in the words of Richard Kamler who poetically states that, “Art is our one true global language. It knows no nation, it favors no race and it acknowledges no class. It speaks to our need to reveal, heal and transform.”

The immediate benefit of the Art Psychotherapy Project is “providing young people a safe environment to explore their thoughts and feelings around their experiences of war and loss.” Secondary benefits include the skills and experiences Katie and her fellow students will gain. They are not only helping children now, but building their skills to make an even greater impact in the future.


A goal like this cannot be completed alone, and the Art Psychotherapy Project is no exception. Currently, Katie and her classmates need funds of £1,200. If you would like to support this inspiring project, please visit the link above before Friday, August 1, 2014, and add your donation—you will be bringing the healing power of art to children who need it most.


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