Learn How to Draw Facial Features in Just a Few Minutes (Free Download!)

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I think most artists will agree: one of the trickiest subjects to draw HAS to be the human face.

Not only is every face different (making it hard to capture a specific person’s likeness) but our brains have developed in such a way that we intuitively recognize faces without even thinking about it—in short, we never really look at faces!

For artists, that can be a pretty big problem, and that’s why today we’re giving away a free download from our friends over at Craftsy that helps with all the basics of drawing the human face.

In this easy-to-read PDF, expert artists Paul Heaston and Sandrine Pelissier demonstrate how to draw all the features of the face—eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair—as well as how to measure properly between each facial feature.


The entire PDF is filled with step-by-step illustrations and drawings from Paul and Sandrine, along with their observations and tips on creating realistic features. It’s also only 25 pages long, so it’s a great primer for any artist who wants to revisit these very important basics (or even learn them for the first time).

If you’ve got a few minutes today, head on over and download this guide for yourself—it’s well-worth it!

After that, you may also be interested in the book Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces, reviewed here. That’s another great resource for anyone looking to improve at drawing facial features.

Special thanks to Craftsy for sponsoring this post with a free download! Click the following link to get your own copy of Drawing the Human Face for free!


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