Chad Hoberer: Heavily Textured, Surrealistic Oil Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Dallas-based oil painter Chad Hoberer has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in animation and has been painting for more than 20 years. As Chad explains on his website, he finds the chaotic beauty of nature compelling, and chooses to showcase that aspect of nature in his work along with surreal, self-created scenes. He can often be found in his studio, creating beautiful, organic works of art thick with texture.

Case in point. . . here he’s used thin strands of texture to create a filmy fuzziness in a painting entitled, It’s memories that I’m stealing, but you’re innocent when you sleep.


It’s fascinating how a matte texture can add such softness to those climbing white flowers. . . similarly, the latticework of gentle creases provide defining curves within the woman’s up-swept bun and enhances her otherwise perfect complexion as she holds her treasures close to her heart.

A more minimalist piece, Landscape No. 17, contains beige tones billowing across the canvas, but for all it’s limited palette, this painting is anything but boring.


Forest green and sepia hues fade and fold into one another loosely in the background, with one faint, but distinctive line separating earth from sky. It’s like a photograph focused only on the foreground, allowing the texture of the ground—littered with leaves and twigs—as well as aged wooden posts and a sprawling tree’s abundant foliage take center stage.

Lastly, I think The Cello’s Captive shows Chad’s quirky, surrealistic side in a way that the other two paintings do not. It’s filled to the brim with symbolism (much of it up for interpretation), however the feeling I am left with is this: without his music, this man is dull, lifeless and monochrome.


From the musician’s mind flows the very threads of life, itself, a tribute to the earth and the many gifts that spring forth from it. Everything man-made fades away once the music begins—even the room where the cellist sits.

Chad’s wife, Chelsea, is also a talented artist who works with mixed media and re-purposed materials. Be sure to check out the rest of Chad’s fascinating work, along with Chelsea’s inspired paintings, at their shared website.


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