This Week: 4/6 through 4/12

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – Art and design blogger Justin Crowe has compiled a list of 5 ways to “go viral” online with your art, and we’ll be posting that tomorrow. While his methods WILL require stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit, if you’re really serious about getting more exposure online I highly recommend it.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Carrie Lewis will share what’s in her colored pencil field kit for those of you who like to head out and draw on location. Drop back in on Tuesday for that, even if colored pencils aren’t your chosen medium. As Carrie will explain, they do have a lot of advantages!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss out on Kris Gould’s fantastic mixed-media photography pieces this Wednesday. . . and, while you’re here seeing her work, why don’t you send in your own artwork to be featured on EmptyEasel, too? Click here to submit it today.

Thursday in General Art Advice – Finish out the week with Niki Hilsabeck’s take on local themed art shows. Niki’s currently in two local festivals this month, and has found it overall to be a positive experience. See why YOU should be looking for local opportunities too!

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