Angela Westerman: Surreal Fantasy Paintings in Acrylic & Mixed Media

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Angela Westerman’s surreal, fantasy artwork encourages people to examine their world a bit more closely, and challenge their own preconceptions. . . especially the integration of nature, humankind, and technology.

By creating her artwork on a large scale, Angela allows her viewers to linger over the tiniest, most intricate details. And although her current focus is acrylic and mixed media work, she is also adept at ink, watercolor, etching, pastels and oils.

As I look at In the Echoes Beyond Epiphany I keep asking—”Angela, what are you trying to tell me?”

In the Echoes Beyond Epiphany

To me, it’s almost like a scene straight out of The Matrix. Machines are growing and building into a powerful, controlling force edging out all humanity, while gaseous red plumes seem to provide a vortex in which this massive thing comes and goes.

As the black background absorbs all color and light, I keep looking at it and wondering—how can anything human exist within that abyss?

Many of Angela’s works of art are somewhat grisly and dark, but not To Grasp Beyond Reach. Turquoise, soft lavender, and ruby red colors impart a sunny disposition into the painting, which is looser and not quite as detailed as much of Angela’s other work.


A brightly adorned bird clasps a short string containing a lone skeleton key. Eyes alert, body posed for greater heights, the bird adjusts to its surroundings, keen to the fact that it could be miles away in mere minutes if necessary. A mysterious box lingers in the darkness below, resting beside two extra-large feet, timid in their size and clumsiness.

When you put it all together, it’s clear that this painting is a fairy tale in progress. . . a gorgeous setting for a story I wish I knew.

Lastly, what is there not to ABSOLUTELY LOVE in The Guardian? Luminous sea foam is everywhere, filling up the very edges of the painting with magic, water, and life.


Living things—from octopi, fish, a sea turtle and waterlogged vegetation—unite with the Guardian to offer protection to a boat in the throes of a thunderstorm. Collected snugly in a glass bottle, the boat waits for the storm to wane.

The atmosphere of this painting is both wild and calm as nature’s rage meets the colossal calming power of the Guardian. The painting is whimsical, eccentric and otherworldly—as the ocean itself often is.

Grandiose, deft and enigmatic, each of Angela’s paintings is a sight to behold, and will leave you questioning your perception of life and the battles waging between humans and their larger-than-life dreams. Take a moment to visit her website today, and see deeper into her world.


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