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By Dan in Weekly Preview

On Monday there will be no new article published, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the US.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – The internet makes it so easy to share your artwork that many artists end up over sharing—leading to cluttered portfolios and over-saturated followers. Drop by on Tuesday for an excellent primer by Niki Hilsabeck on how to share consciously and effectively.

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Wednesday in Featured Artists – Last week Tami Hort was scheduled to be featured on EmptyEasel, but due to a publishing error, another excellent artist (Antonino Cammarata) was featured instead. This week Tami WILL be featured, and I encourage you to come by for that on Wednesday. :)

Thursday in Drawing Tips – Finish out the week with Carrie Lewis’s latest drawing tutorial, showcasing four ways to use colored paper to enhance your colored pencil portraits.

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