Antonino Cammarata: Oil Paintings of Sicily

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

A stunning landscape is sometimes as close as your own backyard, and Antonino Cammarata certainly has an amazing “backyard” to paint from! Born on the gorgeous island of Sicily and surrounded by landscapes to die for, Antonino’s initial love for painting began at the age of 11, when he found a box of oil paints.

He attended the Art Institute of Syracuse in 1977, began studying Sicilian landscapes in 1983, and has produced bright, cheerful art ever since. And, living in Sicily, how could you not?!

A full spectrum of colors makes Evening on the Cliff fascinating to study. Wild grass fans out amidst azure flowers, brambly cacti and blankets of red blooms, creating a magical ambiance—especially when the sun hits the field just right.


As dusk approaches, light is cast softly upon the greenery, highlighting hues from spearmint to mossy green and uncovering each bud and blossom snuggled between the thin blades of grass.

A magnificent dusty pink and lavender sky paints the inlet with its rosiness, spreading warmth onto the cool-blue still waters. Boulders are scattered here and there, a lesser creation than the majestic rocky mountains in the distance, but still more formidable than the pebbly roofs protecting the modest homes lingering in the distance.

Boats on the Beach continues the theme by bringing to mind that perfect, hot summer day when laziness sinks into your mind and soul until all that remains is the desire to stake out a spot on the beach or within the shade of your home or garden and watch the world splendidly pass you by.


A stony path armed with flowery cacti leads the way to great adventure—perhaps the kind taken by the owners of these unattended boats. Homes in the distance, along with a towering lighthouse, show that much life abounds here, and the prospering plants and vibrant turquoise of the gently lapping water echo in agreement.

No matter what one is doing at this destination, from relaxing to exploring, one thing is for sure—he or she is having the time of his or her life at this bright, happy place!

Last on our list for today, protected within walls made of great boulders, is the fortress of The Forgotten Island 3. Small houses and a wind-whipped lighthouse blend almost seamlessly into the naturalistic look and feel of the island, whose stairs lead luxuriously to the water’s edge.


Quiet and simple, there’s no better place to take refuge from the chaos of the world than a small island that has life’s two most important amenities—peace of mind and all the relaxation you would ever need.

Be sure to visit Antonino’s website to view even more of his sun-filled artwork! It’ll boost your mood instantly, especially if you’re experiencing the cold, dreary winter season like I am!


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