This Week: 4/7 through 4/13

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Monday in General Art Advice – Have you ever taught an art class in a particular medium, or led a craft workshop, and thought about writing a book on the same topic? If so, come by tomorrow for some good advice from Steff Metal on how to go about it.

Tuesday in Photography Tips – EmptyEasel’s resident photography expert Zach McCabe will discuss the importance of choosing what you want to say with your photographs, BEFORE you take them.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop by mid-week for some beautifully epic landscape paintings by Kostas Hionidis. As always, if you’d like your own artwork to be featured on EE, please send it in!

Thursday in Drawing Tips – Carrie Lewis will demonstrate several techniques for drawing realistic animal and human hair—including short hair, long hair, flowing locks, and more.

Friday in General Art Advice – Every artist faces criticism, and as your art business grows, there’s no guarantee that those critics will get any quieter. Finish out this week by reading what four business owners have to say about handling tough criticism with professional aplomb.

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